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Custom Aluminum Welding and Repair

Aluma-Tech International is located near Panamá City, Panamá and specializes in aluminum fabrication.  While Aluma-Tech has worked primarily in the marine industry for nearly 20 years, our expert welders can meet any fabrication or repair needs.  

We are also known for building custom items such as gangplanks, patio furniture, ATV accessories and much more.  Contact our Design Team for any custom aluminum items.  We also specialize in aluminum repairs - from outriggers to pontoons, we can meet your needs.

Aluma-Tech can directly service customers along the Pacific Coast of Panamá - from the Azuero Penninsula to Panamá City.  We are currently working on the ability to service the Caribbean as well.


Aluma-Tech International
Welding_Close Up_Dark.jpg
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